The Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Professional Slip On Review

Overview of Timberland PRO Women's Renova Professional Slip On





The Timberland PRO Women's Renova Professional Slip On is highly recommended by nurses and healthcare professionals, for all-day comfort and reliability needed in any demanding profession. These shoes are very comfortable from the day one you wear them to your tiring job. You will forget all the pinches and bites you felt in your previous shoes. You will realize at the end of the 12 hour shift that you even had feet. These shoes are durable and stain-resistant a perfect footwear for a job like yours. You can move with confidence in the operation theater and the patient wards, without losing your balance!

Timberland PRO Women's Renova Professional Slip On Features

  • Leather built.  The Slip on is made from leather and a rugged full grain leather is used to make its upper. Thus, you can imagine the durability and strength of this shoe.
  • Balanced structure.  Timberland PRO Women's Renova Professional Slip On has a heel of 1.75” and a platform of 0.75” giving you the perfectly balanced shoe to support your legs and back without any strain on your feet.
  • Good grip.  The Slip-resistant heel-to-toe rocker sole and the rubber sole of this slip on makes it one of the most stable and .good grip shoes on any kind of surface you need to walk on.

Additional Features

  • Great arch support.
  • Relaxing footbed.
  • Stylish look.
  • Microsuede lining for cushioned and supportive interiors.
  • Slip-resistant.
  • Sufficiently roomy toe box.

Advantages of Timberland PRO Women's Renova Professional Slip-On

The Timberland PRO Women's Renova Professional Slip On is the one footwear you will need if you spend long hours on your feet at your workplace. The full grain leather upper and Scratchguard makes this brilliant shoe stain resistant. So even if you work in place like a hospital or a restaurant kitchen, you will always get the sparing pair of shoes, which are easy to clean. Its thoughtfully designed toe-box inhibits the forefoot to strain while walking, so you will have fatigue-free workdays. This slip on is highly dependable due to its slip resistance, shock protection and providing leg, knee and back support.

The unique Heel-to-Toe Rocker structure is meant to minimize fatigue so that you can move on wet or dry surfaces with ease and balance. This also ensures the proper movements of your knee and foot joints to keep you fit for any exhausting profession.

Final Verdict.

Timberland PRO Women's Renova Professional Slip On is created for all those professionals like nurses and attendants, who don’t get the time in their long work shifts to sit and worry about their uncomfortable shoes, when they have so many people to attend to. These shoes are guaranteed to provide comfort and the energy required to stand in the long shifts and enjoy all the after shift leisure moments.

So if you earn your livelihood by such difficult jobs, then get yourself a Timberland PRO Women's Renova Professional Slip On, since you have lots more to do in your life, which cannot be paused due to a misfit footwear. Over 79% buyers out of 354 on Amazon have rated this slip-on with 4-5 stars. These nice leather shoes will let you want more and you would love to wear them every day to you work.

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