Maintain the Quality of Your Nurse Shoes

A high-quality nurse shoes definitely cost a little higher that obviously gives long lasting satisfaction. However, even the most expensive nurse shoes can be damaged and cause bacterial infections to our feet. Especially for nurses who works long hours, keeping their nurse shoes sanitized and good looking is one way to help them feel comfortable.

Maintain the quality and performance of your nurse shoes. Here we have the...

Effective Way to Store a Nursing Shoes

Goodbye Germs

You have two alternatives on preventing the spread of the germs. If you can afford to have spare shoes to interchange before and after your duty, then it is one best option. Have one shoe kept in your car or in your lockers. Keep your nursing shoes in your car or locker after cleaning with disinfectant wipes.

The second option is to always have disinfectant wipes in your car or lockers to clean out unwanted stains that cause bacteria to spread.

Crease-free and Shiny Nursing Shoes

Nurses mostly own two or more nurse shoes. If you are one of them, then you may want to organize and have a creative shoes storage. This will benefit you from having a crease and bacteria-free shoes. It may also help you preserve the quality and shine of your nursing shoes.

Store sanitized nurse shoes in a breathable environment. Instead of sealing it in a plastic wrap, leave it open to eliminating odors and molds from humidity and moisture. Some may insert some pieces of paper to absorb the moisture. It also helps the shoes maintained its form.

Organize for Convenience

Occasionally, nurses have rushed hours and hectic schedules. One way to help your day to day life easier is to organize your nurse shoes.

If you keep your nurse shoes along with the rest of your shoes, make sure to keep them in front. This will help you pull out your shoes any time you may need them. And if you kept your nurse shoes neatly arranged in a box, make sure to attach an image of that shoes to prevent you from guessing.

Direct sunlight, humidity, and drastic temperatures can ruin your nurse shoes. Shoes especially leather ones should be kept safe in a dark and dry closet. This is also good to prevent the shoes from becoming brittle and discolorations.

Nurse shoes are your life saver. Always protect them from bacteria to give you long lasting comfort.

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